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Robin Sidel, Bitcoin Entrepreneur Charlie Shrem Reports to Prison, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (March 30, ... believes is used maliciously to drive down the price of issuer’s stock.16 11 Shawn Bayern, Of Bitcoins, Independently Wealthy Software, ... Overstock’s Radical Plan to Reinvent the Stock Market with Bitcoin (7/30/2014) The Wall Street Journal's Robin Sidel says New York Department of Financial Services has subpoenaed about two dozen Bitcoin merchants. 10 Christopher M Matthews and Robin Sidel, ' Two charged in alleged Bitcoin-laundering scheme', Wall Street Journal, 27 January 2014 11, ' Frequently Asked Questions' (accessed 17 January 2014) 12 Currency Act 1965 (Cth) s 9. 13 ' China bans banks from bitcoin transactions', Sydney Morning Herald, 6 December 2013 [email protected] Aug 7, 2013 2:31 pm ET You may not carry it in your wallet, but a federal judge in Texas has determined that bitcoin is indeed a form of money. Companies trying to cash in on the newfangled bitcoin craze are having trouble getting old-fashioned bank accounts. ... Write to Robin Sidel at [email protected] ... European stock rally fades ...

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