Bitcoin In Space: Blockchain Satellite Confirms First ...

One of the top software engineers behind the Bitcoin digital currency wants to launch it into space.. Last month, Jeff Garzik floated the idea of Bitcoin in space on an internet discussion forum ... Jeff Garzik, former Bitcoin Core developer, has similar plans with a project named BitSat, in 2014, but he dropped it. In a discussion led on Reddit, he argued that Blockstream’s satellite means centralization on company’s version of the Blockchain. He said: “It’s cheap to write a check to another satellite provider to do a broadcast ... Among the people promoting this idea is Bitcoin entrepreneur Jeff Garzik. The aforementioned speculation about this project from within the cryptocurrency community has turned out to be correct. Blockstream just announced a new service, called Blockstream Satellite , that is designed to broadcast real-time blockchain data for Bitcoin from a ... Blockstream Satellite isn’t the first plan to put part of the Bitcoin network in space. Former Bitpay engineer and Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik created a company and promoted his idea to build ‘BitSats’ between 2012 and 2015, before running out of funding and giving up on the concept. December 9, 2014 Interview with Jeff Garzik: “Will Construct P2P Bitcoin Network In Space” Early Bitcoin-adopter plans to launch a network of mini-satellites to beam the blockchain of Bitcoin down to every corner of the earth - circumventing any attempts of censorship.

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